Anna-Marie Halliday

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Million Dollar Coach Implementation

Taki Moore - Million Dollar Coach Implementation

Automate your marketing. Sell with webinars. Leverage your coaching.
$1,500.00 $197.00
Diamond Feng Shui

Marie Diamond - Diamond Feng Shui

Diamond Feng Shui shows you how to change the energy of your home or workplace for immediate, long-lasting results
$946.00 $167.00
The Applied Neuroscience of Peak Performance

Dr. Sugarman - The Applied Neuroscience of Peak Performance

You will learn the untold history of the brain and how movement became thought. Dr. Sugarman will then discuss what happens before we become conscious and how this effects our feelings, thoughts, and actions
$190.00 $47.00
Fundamentals of Photography II

Joel Sartore - Fundamentals of Photography II

Great photography goes beyond knowing about how lenses and f-stops work. It’s about creative problem solving under real-world conditions. Taking great photographs means knowing how to choose the right tool or apply the right technique to capture your subject in the best possible way.
$234.95 $57.00
1-Hour Home Selling Machine

The Wolff Couple - 1-Hour Home Selling Machine

Every system and timetable you need to Sell Any House in just One Hour! The Buyers will be so excited they’ll not only fight over the house you’re selling, they’ll be lining up for your next one! With our comprehensive marketing and Open House packages, you’ll have the power to sell all your houses within One Hour!
$1,997.00 $297.00
Evergreen Empire

Greg Jeffries - Evergreen Empire

The ULTIMATE set of evergreen online marketing skills
$297.00 $57.00