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Pressure Points & Self Defense Made Easy

Chris Thomas - Pressure Points & Self Defense Made Easy

Christian Tissier, 7th Dan Shihan Aikikai of Tokyo, is undeniably the reference authority for authentic Aikido in Europe. With this double DVD-box he invites you to discover the fundamental principles of the Aikido by going through all throws and tec
$56.45 $20.00
20 Steps to Verbal Mastery

Kevin Secours - 20 Steps to Verbal Mastery

Combat psychology, early detection and the diffusion of violence, have been a lifetime goal in my training. I started training in the martial arts when I was 10, after being attacked by four older boys.
$49.95 $15.00
Original Jeet Kune Do Complete BUNDLE

Lamar Davis - Original Jeet Kune Do Complete BUNDLE

This bundle contains all 20 videos/DVDs in the Lamar Davis's Original Jeet Kune Do Collection. Please see individual titles for more info. File Size: 15.7 GB
$320.00 $57.00
Ninjutsu Blackbelt Home Study Course

Ninjutsu Blackbelt Home Study Course

Bujinkan Senior Master Teacher Richard Van Donk (15th Dan), over 50 trips to train in Japan carefully and strategically crafted for you and easy to learn step by step system your learning Ninjutsu, the art of the Ninja. Studied worldwide in 100+ countries. REAL training
$297.00 $47.00
Tactical Pressure Points & Anatomical Targeting

Mark Gridley - Tactical Pressure Points & Anatomical Targeting

The Combat Hapkido "Tactical Pressure Points" program is the result of many years of study and research with the guidance and assistance of the World´s leading experts and it is based on sound, practical and modern Self Defense principles without the excessive complexity or the mystical hype of other pressure point systems
$277.80 $47.00
Master Series 1 & 2

Mario Sperry – Master Series 1 & 2

This is the complete 6 DVD set of Mario Sperry Master Series One. This is Mario Sperry's first series on Sport Jiu-Jitsu and is widely considered to be one of the greatest instructional series ever produced on Sport Jiu-Jitsu.
$274.99 $47.00
Wing Chun Gung Fu (15 DVD)

Randy Williams - Wing Chun Gung Fu (15 DVD)

The complete Wing Chun Gung-Fu video series was the largest video course on Wing Chun when it was released, and is still one of the biggest and best. It is a classic that should be in everyone's Wing Chun video library
$240.00 $47.00
Rick Tucci Kali DVD set

Rick Tucci Kali DVD set

In this info-packed eight-volume series, Guro Rick Tucci will share with you the drills, training methods, and techniques that will bring you from beginner all the way to instructor level in the Filipino Martial Arts.
$169.99 $37.00
CSW Student Level 1-5

CSW Student Level 1-5

Erik breaks down the core drills and techniques in each level, and he reviews and adds new material as you work through the series. Get out your notebooks and watch closely. Erik moves fast! There are hundreds of drills and variations here!
$169.95 $37.00
WAR Catch Wrestling

Billy Robinson – WAR Catch Wrestling

In this very special deluxe 4-DVD course, you get to be a fly on the wall as Billy coaches eager students (MMA stars Josh Barnett and Erik Paulson included!) in the ways of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling.
$135.00 $37.00
Erik Paulson CSW 2013 Camp
Erik Paulson CSW 2011 Camp

Erik Paulson CSW 2011 Camp

4 DVD Set from Erik Paulson's CSW 2011 Camp! 5 1/2 Hours of Footage! Instruction throughout from Erik Paulson and Greg Nelson. Guest instructors: Rigan Machado, Marvin Cook, Nicolas Saignac. Volume 1 features Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson. Running Time 1 Hour 23 Minutes.
$129.95 $37.00
CSW 2014 World Conference

CSW 2014 World Conference

Hours of training from the best! Erik Paulson & Greg Nelson never fail to deliver, and they deliver yet again here! Check out some of the latest tricks and training methods from two of the best active coaches in the business.
$129.95 $37.00
Steve Grody JKD Trapping Skills Vol 1 to 3

Steve Grody JKD Trapping Skills Vol 1 to 3

in this series presents primary traps to initial strike obstructions and the all-important functionalizing process, and begins the progression dealing with secondary obstructions after the initial trap.
$119.85 $37.00
Killer leglocks

Erik Paulson – Killer leglocks

There's literally hundreds of leg locks and variations. Probably THE BEST leg locks instructional I've ever seen. It would take me years to master all the stuff in this one series!
$107.95 $37.00
Catch Wrestling

Tony Cecchine – Catch Wrestling

Learn about my AMERICAN CATCH WRESTLING system in its entirety — from its emphasis on controlling when, where, and how a confrontation takes place to its seamless integration of striking, wrestling, ripping, and submission grappling
$100.00 $37.00
Andrew R. Wilson - The Art of War

Andrew R. Wilson - The Art of War

The Art of War is both a guide for competition and preparing so well for competition that one’s organizational strength and focus awes the enemy into giving up without a fight. Through the professor’s use of real-world examples, you’ll understand the qualities effective commanders
$69.95 $23.00
Scott Bolan – Martial Mastery

Scott Bolan – Martial Mastery

12 DVD Course packed with Ancient Wisdom, Cutting-Edge Knowledge and Unfair Secrets. And listen, the hard part’s already done! You don’t need to study! That’s right, I’ll say it again, – You don’t need to study!- Understand? All you need to do is just pop in one DVD a day – and you’ll discover things like
$497.00 $57.00
Essential Combatives

Scott Bolan and Russell Stutely - Essential Combatives

3 World-Class Legendary Trainers Reveal Their Most Amazing Hidden Secrets of PHYSICAL COMBAT
$247.00 $52.00
Scott Bolan – Martial Mastery 2.0

Scott Bolan – Martial Mastery 2.0

ow to blast your income through the roof by implementing The Master Keys to Fountains of Cash, even while you stay at Home! Includes 8 REAL Money-Making ideas (NOT that multi-level B.S.!) you can Start NOW for $100 bucks or less, and you never have to see people! File Size: 8.7 GB
$497.00 $57.00
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