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Release Technique

Sedona Method - Release Technique

Here you will learn to let go of the three Wants: Wanting for Approval, Wanting for Control, Wanting for Security.
Weekly Playbook Workshop #1

Amy Meissner and Dan Harvey - Weekly Playbook Workshop #1

The Weekly Playbook Workshop #1 will go into much more detail about how Amy Meissner and Dan Harvey trades Put and Call credit spreads. They will also show you a short term Broken Wing Butterfly on SPX.
$447.00 $89.00
State of the Art 1987

Richard Bandler - State of the Art 1987

Exercises and discussions teach you how to use submodalities to change your perception of the duration and speed of events. Includes direct application to sports, motivation, future-pacing, depression and psychotic states. (104 minutes)
$82.00 $32.00
SLR Lounge - The Photography Business Plan - Photography Business 101

SLR Lounge - The Photography Business Plan - Photography Business 101

Develop a plan for success. Create A Sound Business Plan For Success. Set Up The Right Goals For Your Business. Establish Your Target Client Persona. Analyze The Market And Your Competition. Protect Yourself With Contracts & Insurance. Runtime 6 Hours 11 Minutes...
$99.00 $37.00
Magical Money Manifestation

Marlenea Johnson - Magical Money Manifestation

Cleansing process to remove old self limiting beliefs, traits, and patterns. Your inner mirror portrays images of yourself out into the world and is mirroring back into your life what it's portraying out
$197.00 $47.00
Brad's Lifestyle Academy 2.0

RSD - Brad's Lifestyle Academy 2.0

You get immediate access to the improved and revamped LSA Members Area, where you’ll find exactly how to start taking action (and stay motivated) to move in the direction you want your life to go
$297.00 $57.00