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Richard Osterlind Eerie Vol 1

Richard Osterlind Eerie Vol 1

you’ll see Richard Osterlind take mentalism one step further! Using props like crystal balls, pendulums, candles, spirit slates, and more, Richard has created a number of new effects that go just a little further! Besides being impossible looking, they are all…well…eerie!
$49.95 $17.00
Human Slot Machine

Quique Marduk - Human Slot Machine

Human Slot Machine is a perfect comedy routine with a strong and powerful outcome. A great, solid, interactive routine that we're sure you'll have fun performing.
$85.00 $32.00

Edouard Boulanger - Red

All the material is made in my workshops, the syringe is translucent, and the built-in system required a lot of research to offer you a reliable and efficient product.
$55.00 $22.00

KimTung Lin - Canvas

You are now free to very cleanly show BOTH SIDES of the bill, along with YOUR EMPTY HANDS. Very few bill switches allows for such a CLEAN DISPLAY and visual effect
$49.95 $17.00
 Vapr Watch

Will Tsai and Sansminds - Vapr Watch

Due to the popular demand of this item, please allow up to 5 business days to ship this item. Our technical and shipping team both need to check the watch prior to shipping it out to our customers
$399.95 $67.00

João Miranda Magic & Julio Montoro - Rejoined

From the clever mind of Julio Montoro and João Miranda comes a visual and original card restoration like no other.
$49.95 $17.00
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