Melina Stephens

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Dean Graziosi - The Winning State of Mind

Dean Graziosi - The Winning State of Mind

In this 5 Lesson online course Dean will personally take you on a step by step journey to unlock your full potential and gain the unstoppable confidence to finally reach your FULL potential. You can take the course at your own pace, and you get LIFETIME access!
$297.00 $57.00
Love Systems GB - Charisma Decoded

Love Systems GB - Charisma Decoded

Drawing from a decade of dating coaching experience, we designed this course to help regular men worldwide unleash their inner charisma. Over six weeks, you will develop a more attractive and confident way of interacting with women and the world - so that dating and attraction come easy.
$499.00 $77.00
LetsGetGirls - Natural Transformations

LetsGetGirls - Natural Transformations

This is what we call a 'natural'. Someone who walks around and is naturally charismatic and fully comfortable with themselves. Natural Transformations is designed to wire your brain with the knowledge of how to transform into a natural. This course is literally a cheat code to life.
$195.00 $47.00
How to Write Magalogs, Tabloids and Other Monster Promos

Carline Anglade Cole - How to Write Magalogs, Tabloids and Other Monster Promos

The heart and soul of every magalog – get this right and you’ve got a slam dunk success!
$49.99 $17.00
Alinka Rutkowska – Author Remake

Alinka Rutkowska – Author Remake

Finally! Now You Can Sell Books by the Truckload…And Replace Your Corporate Salary with Book Royalties… Even if You Haven’t Sold a Single Copy Yet. This System Has Allowed Other Writers to Leave Their Corporate Jobs…And Live Their Dream of Being a Profitable Author.
$597.00 $72.00
Local Marketing Sparkers

Bob Ross - Local Marketing Sparkers

Five Working, Affordable, Simple, So-easy-it's-ridiculous, Marketing Services
$100.00 $42.00