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Claude Diamond - The G.U.T.S Sales Method

Claude Diamond - The G.U.T.S Sales Method

What if there was an easier way. A sales method that allows you to have all the prospects you could ever need. A step-by-step method that was a fool proof guide in taking the sale from the initial contact all the way to closing, without cold calling, high pressure, cheesy sales talk, or any kind of gimmicks.
$595.00 $87.00
Persuasively Speaking 101

Joseph Riggio - Persuasively Speaking 101

I will teach you how to speak persuasively so you can respond effectively, create new possibilities with people, and take charge of the high-impact moments in your life
$147.00 $47.00

Talmadge Harper - Unbreakable

Imagine what it would be like walking through the world unafraid of rejection and know that the power within yourself has turned you into an unbreakable warrior of life? Now you are getting a glimpse of what this mp3 is designed to do for you
$29.97 $17.00
Restaurant Rockstars Academy

Roger Beaudoin - Restaurant Rockstars Academy

This is not the time to fly by the seat of your pants! As you know most restaurants actually FAIL
$1,997.00 $167.00
Attract, Convert & Deliver Ideal Clients - On Autopilot

Stuart Trier - Attract, Convert & Deliver Ideal Clients - On Autopilot

Automate Your Marketing Business & Land Clients With Ease
$1,497.00 $142.00
Million Dollar Publishing Plan

Vicky Sharma - Million Dollar Publishing Plan

Million Dollar Publishing Plan: In this video, I’ll create a step-by-step plan for you which can help you build a Million Dollar Publishing business by the end of 2019!
$997.00 $92.00