By using the supported shipping service on the Amzlibrary store, you acknowledge and agree to the requirements, and/or the applicable Policies and practices outlined in the Shipping Policy and the laws of Vietnam and Hong Kong.


1. Definition

Amzlibrary provides shipment service in batches of products. With this form, goods will be transported between HK and Vietnam in the form of large batches, each weighing from 200kg or more.

2. Service fee

Service fee = International shipping fee (1) + Customs clearance fee (2) + Vietnam domestic shipping fee (if any) (3)+ VAT service fee (if any) (4)

2.1. International Shipping Fee

– Is the shipping fee for the shipment from HK warehouse to Amzlibrary warehouse in HCM City.

2.2. Customs clearance fee

Is the cost of carrying out necessary procedures for goods to be eligible for export/import, exit/entry into a Country.

Customs clearance fee = Customs service fee + Import tax + Import VAT + Taxes, other fees (if any) + Inspection fee – conformity (if any)

In there:

– Customs service fee is the cost of carrying out procedures related to opening the customs declaration.

Customs service fees are regulated according to the service fee table.

– Import VAT, Import Tax (if any), Other Taxes (if any) will be applied according to the State’s regulations for each type of item, Amzlibrary will provide information on tax rates to Customers in specific cases.

– Regulation-conformity inspection fee: For some types of goods, upon customs clearance, they need to be inspected, evaluated and certified for standardization by functional agencies in accordance with the State’s technical regulations to be eligible. customs clearance (depending on some items, this cost must be done through procedures).

3. Shipping Policy

3.1. International shipping time (VCQT)

The VCQT process is conventionally moved from the HK warehouse to the Amzlibrary warehouse in Hanoi . 

Shipping time depends on the actual customs clearance situation that Amzlibrary advises when the Customer places the order.

3.2 . Regulations on transfer _

– All information on the goods declaration needs to be: truthful, accurate, and matches the actual goods received at the warehouse in China. Amzlibrary will refuse any commitment for the above cases of false information; At the same time, the Customer will have to pay the costs incurred, if any.

In the case of Service Claims related to loss/misplacement of goods due to false information, Amzlibrary will settle them based on the actual weight /volume received at the China Warehouse and the weight /volume of the goods. goods delivered to the Customer.

– Characteristics of road transport with bumps during loading and unloading and moving; Therefore, Amzlibrary does not guarantee the integrity of the product case/box. For fragile, easily scratched, easily deformed goods due to impact, please strengthen the package carefully (wooden, wrap with air bubbles). For SUPER DURABLE goods , even though wood-wrapped or air-wrapped, there is still a high risk, Amzlibrary DOES NOT RECOMMEND you to consign this item; If you still want Amzlibrary to ship, Amzlibrary will not be responsible for all risks (if any) during the shipment from China to Vietnam or from Amzlibrary‘s Distribution Warehouse to your receiving address.

Amzlibrary does not take any responsibility for the goods (including loss of goods, dents, broken, etc.) after delivering the goods to the trucker/garage/recipient requested by the Customer.

– The list of goods that do not accept shipping can be found here

3.3 . In case of loss of goods during transit

In case of loss of goods due to subjective reasons on the part of Amzlibrary, the reimbursement rate applies depending on the specific mode of transportation and does not exceed the purchase value.

Amzlibrary is not responsible for cases of goods arising from errors from NCC such as: Missing goods, wrong goods, technical defects, old goods, super fragile goods …

3.4. Notes:

–  Customers need to be fully informed of Amzlibrary ‘s policies regulations and fees before cooperating making orders Any issues with which you will receive the Amzlibrary service will be handled in accordance with the Regulatory Policy _committed . _ _

–  Customers please pay all costs incurred on the order (non-negative finance) before receiving the goods, Amzlibrary does not support COD collection in the form of shipment. All financial questions as well as complaints related to costs, goods, service commitments … you should note that you should send information to Amzlibrary within 24 hours from the time of receipt of goods, Amzlibrary will handle and feedback through service complaints. Past the above time, Amzlibrary would like to refuse to accept complaints.

Best regards.